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We’re a full-service electrical supplier and have been serving commercial, residential, industrial, municipal, hospitality, education and healthcare Customers for more than 40 years! We house more than $5 million in inventory in multiple locations across two states. We’re fully stocked and ready for any size project you send our way!



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Our dedicated team of energy savings experts has more than 70 years of experience in electrical and energy efficiency. We work endlessly to uncover ways to maximize your energy savings not only today, but for light years to come. Did we mention that our energy products are friendly to the environment? The future looks bright already!




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It’s simple. Our Energy Solutions Team is ready to save you time, energy and money today! To get started, we explore how much electricity you use, then shed light on how you can lower energy levels using the latest technology. The more you light, the more you save! That’s the money-saving power of energy-saving products.



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