In July of 2000 Mathes Electric Supply entered into a partnership with Cooper Power Systems to become one of five Cooper Power Systems Access Distributors located within the United States. As a Cooper Power Access Distributor we carry significant inventories that allow us to service the Cooper Power Industrial Distributors for their product requirements in the Industrial, Institutional, Government, and Commercial markets.

We stock a large inventory of all the following products and more!

Cooper Power Underground Distribution
15-25-35 KV Loadbreak and Deadbreak Elbows
Tools and Accessories
Fault Indicators

Cooper Power Overhead DistributionĀ 
Cutouts and Fuses
Distribution Arresters

Kearney Tools and Connectors
6 ft and 8ft clamp sticks

Cooper Power Fusing
Cutout Fusing
Transformer Bayonet fuses

Cooper Power Surge ArrestersĀ 
Overhead Distribution arresters
Elbow Arresters